Cobbett’s Christmas Stash

Stephen was making one of his “boomerang” trips, a quick dash across the pond to satisfy the powers that be that he was in correct standing vis-à-vis his visa. So with a week in Dorking and Bristol to kill, he needed at least one errand–besides picking up the Christmas pudding and the mincemeat for our pies.

Cobbett’s Bottle Shop beckoned.

In times past, I’d Twittered in my order–but this time I left it up to S and the kind folks behind the counter to pick out a selection for my 2019 Christmas spirit. I knew I wanted some Thornbridge, and something from Pilot UK. The now-famous Surrey Shere Drop wasn’t on offer for to-go-bottles, but they acquitted themselves well with a few other delights that have gone down a treat.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to my friends on the high street in a lovely Surrey market town…

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