We’re always up for a charitable way to mix philanthropy and beer (or wine), so when my friend Lori put it out there that she planned to hike 28.something crazy miles to raise funds for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, we asked, “Great. Where’s the beer?”

She answered, “Down in Greensboro, you silly kids.”

Actually, she and her compatriot hiker Anne hosted a fundraising party for the foundation at her local wine bar–and bottle shop–Cellar 23 last Friday, and we dutifully drove the five hours to get there. We had a little a/c belt problem in Richmond, but we made it, better late than never (with no beer). I started off with a glass of Gewurtztraminer, but then segued to the Winston-Salem brewed Wise Man Chosen Vehicle, and finished off with a Pilot Pig IPA from Greensboro brewery Pig Pounder.

Lori made her goal–and we’ll cheer her on with more brews for her upcoming hike.

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