Moving In

It’s a feature well known that when you move into a new place, for every box you carry in and unpack, you drink a beer.

Okay, maybe that was true in my college days–or was that just the price extracted by my erstwhile friends for hauling around my stuff? The stuff has multiplied, and we hire folks to do the heavy lifting–and the beer has descended in quantity while it has risen significantly in quality.

For our move into our new home near Hagerstown, Maryland, we have been celebrating the plethora of awesome craft beeriness all around us by sampling as many of the favorites as possible without losing sight of the moving process. We give a shout out to local Monocacy Brewing, Troegs, Brookeville Beer Farm–and long-distance favorite but darn it if they didn’t just sneak in there…the Clown Shoes.

Cheers to a new home, and new brews to explore!

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