Surrey Hills Brewery, Dorking

It’s a bit of a puzzle to find, tucked in behind the Denbies winery on the outskirts of Dorking, Surrey…but worth it to track down the Surrey Hills Brewery taproom for a fresh taste of what they have in the works.

I’d had several of their more broadly distributed beers, either at Cobbetts or other local pubs, including the Shere Drop pale ale, so I was happy to find other brews to choose from the lineup posted on the bulletin board behind the counter. It’s somewhat bare-bones, but the chap manning the store was cheerful enough, and poured me up my selections so I could enjoy them outside at their handful of tables.

It was sunny, my run was complete, and I was ready to enjoy these beers while reflecting upon the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, from which the brewery takes its name.

First up, the Greensand IPA, at 4,6% abv. Malty on the base, with rich baked apples on the nose. A bit of fresh peach on the palate. Very nice.

Next up, the Gilt Complex golden ale, also at 4,6% abv. Aromas of apple, with broader tropical notes on the palate with a slightly bitter finish. Good stuff.

Finally, my favorite, the Collusion IPA, at 5,2% abv. A buttery aroma, with floral tastes, plus grapefruit and guava. Evenly bittered through the finish. Well done.

I liked how the abvs stayed low, allowing me to enjoy several half-pints for my tasting without feeling like I’d fall over. Looking forward to trying new versions of the Collusion on my next trip back to Dorking!

Surrey Hills Brewery, Denbies Wine Estate, London Road, Dorking RH5 6AA

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