A Long Strange Trip: 2020

There’s really no way to reconcile the way that the year started, and how it’s going 6-7 months into it. 2020 sucks. And though we started out the year with great intentions for visiting the plethora of taprooms within striking distance of our new home in Maryland, it wasn’t to be. As I write this in late July, taprooms have just now opened in many states, and the widely varying protocols governing our visits to them leave us all navigating new territory.

I will say, for the record, I am cool with the mask, as it helps reduce the spread according to every medical professional I have spoken with amongst my friends and family. I wear one to fly, both privately when flying with folks outside of my household–and certainly on the airlines–and I’m happy to wear one inside to help us all out. Given my research on World War II aviation history, I strongly believe that my grandpa and uncles would be aghast that this small sacrifice has divided us–when they truly made concessions for years to fight a war.

I will also say #BlackLivesMatter. I am working in my professional life to shine a light and increase diversity with each day (and our parent company supports this), and I am unequivocal in my position personally. Change is necessary. Sometimes it hurts a bit. We’re going to get there if we’re in it together.

Brew Dog, Ohio

Antietam Brewery, Hagerstown

Tröegs Brewing, Hershey

Lion’s Tail Brewing, Neenah

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