Tryanuary 2019: Portugal

When I plunged headfirst into January 2018, with a quest to try a new Portuguese beer for every day of the month, I had no idea that I’d have so much fun. Well, actually, yeah, I did, because…beer. But I didn’t realize the depth that Portugal had to offer in terms of craft beer. While not as extensive as its depth in wine, Portugal’s beer scene has grown exponentially in the last five years. You no longer need to settle for a Sagres or a Super Bock in many places.

But, outside of Lisbon and Porto, seeking out craft beer takes a bit of legwork–so I was determined to start 2019 with a new round of Tryanuary Portugal (so named as a response to the “Dry January” many people undertake, for a variety of good reasons). My quest led me back to a beer festival I enjoyed in 2018, and another taste at a couple of brewpubs and cervetecas that are waving the flag for cerveja artesanal around the country–plus visits to new places that are worth a try. And more good beer than there were days in the month.

Here’s a gallery of each beer I sampled over the course of January 2019… and here are links to some of the stories I shared about new places to imbibe. Enjoy!

Ouro, Incenso e Birra

Oitava Colina, Graça

Mercearia do Campo, Campo de Ourique

Cerveteca Lisboa, Principe Real

21 Brewpub Gallas, Penha da França

Flagship February

Flor de Lúpulo, Penha da França

Hops & Drops, Praia das Maçãs

Cerveja Canil