Colorado Beer Tour

One could say that my craft beer journey truly began when I bought a pony keg of Buffalo Gold from the Boulder Beer Company for my college graduation in 1993 from CU Boulder. I returned for a check-in to the state in June 2018 with a fresh appreciation for both the history and the explosion of craft beer in Colorado.

Though the busy trip filled up quickly with have-tos, we had time for happy hour at 12 Degree Brewing in Louisville, as well as stops into the Oskar Blues outpost in Lyons, and the version of Rock Bottom Brewery near Loveland. Along the way, we had a few more favorites to share with old friends and toast the gorgeous summer weather and the days of Green Colorado (before the summer heat turns all the grass into straw). We also sampled a couple of Mexican beers to go with the Colorado Mex and Mexican fusion food we enjoyed nearly every day.

Here’s hoping another trip soon will take us more deeply into some new territory. There is sure plenty to find. Arguably the best meal (outside of our wondrous experience at Frasca Food & Wine in Boulder) was the little taqueria in Golden. Til then, there’s still no place like the Rocky Mountain High.

12 Degree Brewing Happy Hour, Louisville

Rock Bottom Brewery, Loveland