Brewery Fire, Taneytown

Almost to the day, we came here last year.

It was still in the dregs of the pandemic, with just one year of survival behind us. We’d met up at a rest stop during January 2021 with friends for a quick open-air meet up on the border with PA, and snuck over to Brewery Fire strategically for lunch, since they promised a BBQ food truck and lots of nifty, well-named (and well-made) beers.

We chose well! The intimate taproom had a metal vibe, with a streak of firefighter about it (hence the name). And the ability to have hard cider sold S on their greatness–as well as the Pinky’s BBQ pulled pork sammich with mac & cheese as a *topping.* FIRE.

I had a Black IPA (always a favorite style, blending roasty malts and tropical hops) as well as the soon-to-be-famous Short Dead Dude NEIPA.

We took home a four-pack of Tammy IPA, as well as some Pentitent Pils. Good times were had by all.

So as January 2022 hit with its deep freeze and snowy ground, we made a strategic charge over the ridge to hike with Captain BIlly in the snow.

And we noticed that Pinky’s was back at Brewery Fire, and we hadn’t had a chance to be in their neighborhood since Tryanuary 2021. Yikes.

This time, flights were back on stage, and I tried the Jake Ryan Red (Porsche) IPA (of course) plus the Dandalorian Brown Ale, Executionatorizer Triple IPA, and (the best name ever, and in honor of Norm McDonald) A Moth Goes Into a Podiatrist’s Office Impy Russian stout.

S had a cider and a pulled pork sammich, I had beautious birria pork tacos. In fact, I ordered a Juicy Brut: Strawberry to go with the tacos and it made a nice pairing. Yum. We took a mixed four-pack and a couple of bottles to go that we’ll talk about later, I’m sure. We’ll be back.

Juicy Brut: Strawberry at Brewery Fire