Flor de Lúpulo, Lisboa

So nice we stopped in twice…on the same night.

Nothing encourages me to leave the comfort of my couch early for a meeting in the city like two things: beating the traffic snarl at 5 pm, and the chance to hit a new pub along the way. So we drive down to Lisboa an hour ahead, park by the new place, enjoy a couple of imperials and a snack, and walk a mere mile to the meeting.

Flor de Lúpulo enabled this plan. Then she brought us back for more.

The welcoming 50s diner vibe splashes red and white and silvery tabletops around, brightening the below-street-level space and giving it a vibrant feel. I took a trip through IPA-land with two new ones for me: Dois Corvos Firefly Yuzu and the cheekily named Mikkeller + Amager The Day Amager Rednecks Kicked Some Serious Mikkeller Frat Boy Ass—a phenomenal beer worth the rent on words. My partner in crime had a favorite IPA from Portugal, the Colossus Wanderlust, in Porto. We slammed our way through a quiejo and *excellent* presunto plate plus some batatas fritas— with a garlicky mayo. Then we made a quick exit to said required meeting.

On the walk back, we looked at each other and said, “Yes.” That yes drew us back into a now-festive Flor de Lúpulo that I chalked up to the clock ticking past 9 pm on a Friday. For the second round of the night, I went darker. I had my first Rauchbier, the Burguesa Rauch Bock (from Portugal) and a Belgian quad. S chose cider to keep it light.

We made friends over the next hour, and found once again a fine neighborhood joint in Lisbon that we would be happy to haunt on a regular basis.

Flor de Lúpulo,
Rua Heróis de Quionga, 66
Lisbon, Portugal 1170-179