Alhambras in Zafarraya

The drive over the tracks took us up and around the mountains…just getting out of our friends’ house near the shadows of La Maroma, the grand mountain in the Sierras de Tejeda. The lady turns purple in the sunset, but we had the full afternoon sun upon her as we set out.

This corner of Andalucía was new to me, and it resonated with me in a similar way to the high mountains and plateaus of the Rockies back home in Colorado. Pat navigated the Land Cruiser onto the highway, and we turned off towards the natural park to see the green-lined valleys, and take in the fresh air.

We made a great circle back down to Periana, stopping for a cerveza and a late lunchy snack of salada de polvo and other bites. Draft Alhambra Especial filled our glasses, and took away the dry heat of the afternoon, even on this planalto in the town of Zafarraya. We needed to make it home before the sleepiness took over for the day.