My Top 5 US Craft Beers, 2018

Happy New Year! Now that we’ve all celebrated with espumante on the beach, slept it off, and woken up to coffee & 2019… I’d like to run through my top 5 favorite US beers of 2018 before we launch into Tryanuary!

First off, in calendar order, Damien, Child of Darkness Surly Brewing: Dry-hopped black ale; 6.5% abv seasonal; Brown sugar and pine on the nose; Roasty tangerine and bitter chocolate palate; Creamy and impenetrable.

Number 2 of 5 US beers: Blood Orange Express from 12Degree Brewing in Louisville, Colorado, with 5.9% abv; Hazy fresh tangerine color; Fresh squeezed blood orange juice on the palate led by orange juice and flowers on the nose, with a creamy body. Yummy!

Number 3 of 5 US beers: From the Toppling Goliath Brewing taproom (plus 2 more I brought home): Fire, Skulls & Money IPA from Toppling Goliath; Roasted corn, silks on the nose, burnt corn kernels on the palate; Hazy, dank and golden in color; really intriguing…made with New Zealand Nelson hops. 

Number 4 of 5 US beers in 2018: Cheers from EAA Oshkosh with a New Glarus Beer Moon Man chilled from a friend’s cooler at his Cessna 195. I didn’t take down any notes, but it was even better than the Spotted Cow I had upon arrival.

And number 5 of 5 new beers in 2018: It Gosé Lick, Swallow, Suck from 7 Hills Brewing in Dubuque, Iowa: Margarita Gosé at 3.5% abv. Lots of lovely lime plus a salty zing. Super refreshing summer cheers!